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Chitai Sakuya
Artist | Student | Digital Art
I’m Chitai Sakuya from Canada, and I’m an artist that works with both traditional and digital media.
I’ve been drawing for as long as I can remember, but over the past 7 years I've been working on improving my focus on anatomy, shading and lineart. I still have a lot to learn, though!

I've been studying college for a few years but due to a barely failed grade, I've been expelled for a year, so I decided to pursue my artwork as a freelance career.
It was always a dream of my childhood, but never really took off due to pressure from my parents and their expectations, but now I've decided to prove to myself that my dream can actually be made a reality, that this is just as valid of a life choice as any other that my parents may expect of me.

I'm looking forward to interacting with, talking to, entertaining and working for you guys as much as I can!

I sketch and draw daily, and I usually livestream on Picarto throughout the week. (I'm going to try and get a fixed schedule down soon)

My artwork spans many different tastes and fandoms, from games and anime to studies and silly doodles, and my interests range from both headline titles to obscure names, so there's going to be a huge variety of content from me!

Important note : Please ask for permission before reposting anywhere

Here's my tumblr where I'm more used to be active from, but I'll do my best to be more active here too!
I thought I'd copy paste my commission infos here as alot uses mobiles and tumblr mobile seems like is trouble? lol
Although I'm sorry it's a huge text, it's to be sure all the infos are there so it wont seem like I'm pulling out new "rules" out of a black hole lol

Here's a shorter version.

  • Please view the full pricing guide before sending a commission request. Make sure you can actually afford to pay for the artwork before you approach me about it. 
  • Important basics: 
    Specify the type of commission you want
    (Bust/Waist/Full, Lined/Sketched, Shaded/Coloured. etc)
  • Give clear visual references for non-canon things. (Especially OC’s!) 
    Text-only descriptions will not be considered.
  • Visual references will be required for poses and other such things.
  • Please keep any changes and corrections as few as possible.
    Information is key, tell me as much as you can beforehand.

For details, my full commission information is down below.

Small note:
Full body + lined + coloured + shading is currently not an option, but this may change in the future.


Let’s get straight to the point!

  • What I WILL do:

Anything that piques my interest - Ask! I’ll be happy to answer!
(Ex: Monster Hunter, Rune Factory 3, Overwatch, Magus’ Bride, Shield Hero, Mushoku Tensei, Steins;Gate, Muscles, Maybe League of Legends too actually, etc)

  • What I MIGHT do:

Mecha and the like

(I CAN do these, and I will do these, but only if your request is acceptable to me.
Whether I accept your commission or not depends on exactly what you want, so you’ll need to specify the things you want in your commission before I accept or deny your request.)

  • What I will NOT do:

Hardcore NSFW
Massively complicated Mecha
Guro/Hardcore Gore
Fetishes (If you’re unsure, it can’t hurt to ask.)

There is no debating these. If you want any of the above, you will not get them from me.

I will need references for OC’s and some characters, and any references for things like hairstyles, outfit designs and so on are appreciated, especially if you want it to be accurate to your idea!

Any changes or additions not in the initial request will require extra fees - So make sure you have your ideas set before I start work on your commission.

Prices and options are : 


Keep in mind, you’ll need to cover the Paypal fee which can be calculated here.

Examples of combinations :


Important notice : 
Full body linearts will be available in the future.

Example of pricing : 
Full body ($10~15) + Lineart ($12) + Shading ($4~10) =
Between $26 and $37+ depending on what we decide on

More of my work can be found in my art tag (Which is linked here
- Look here before approaching me about a commission.

Important information regarding extra characters: 

The price of extra characters depends on whether you choose Bust, Waist, or Full Body when commissioning me. The prices are as follows:

  • Full Body - 80% of the original cost 
  • Waist - 70% of the original cost

For example: 
The cost of a Waist, Sketch and Shade commission is between ($25~$45).
If two characters were commissioned for the same artwork this way, the total price would be between ($43~$77). 
(The original price for one character, with the 70% added on top)

Although NSFW pieces, all extra characters will be full priced.

Important disclaimers :

-Specific prices will be determined by individual requests based on design, poses, angles, number of characters, etc. 
We’ll discuss this before I begin to work on your commission. 

-I have every right to refuse a commission for personal reasons. 

-There will be no deadline for your commission to be completed. I have a life and other things to do, so do not demand that I finish your commission first.

- There is no priority or ranking for commissions. I will work on one of my choosing until completion, then begin the next.
If you have an emergency commission (For example, a friends upcoming birthday), we can talk about it and I will probably put your commission first - But it may potentially be added stress and pressure for me, so the cost may be higher depending on the timeframe you give me
I cannot guarantee that I’ll be able to complete your commission on time, so make sure you’re okay with potentially waiting longer than ideally for your artwork before doing this.

-If you do not want a rushed artwork, do not rush me.
However, feel free to ask me about the progress every week or so if you feel the need!

-I have the right to cancel your commission at any point. If you attempt to rush me, haggle with me, bribe me or otherwise be an unreasonable or unfriendly person, I will not hesitate to cancel and reject your request.

-Make sure you can actually afford to pay for the artwork before you approach me about it. 
If you cancel midway through after I’ve already begun work on your commission without a very good reason, I may request a small fee for the time spent on it - I hope that’s understandable.

Please be aware of this, I only have so much time to spend on things that won’t get finished due to complications.

-Keep in mind : You will receive the artwork unwatermarked and hi-res for Personal Use Only.
If the work is found elsewhere, you will lose all credibility as a customer not only for me, but also other artists.

The process:

- You contact me with the basic request (E.G “I would like to commission a Waist Sketch of X character, please let me know if you’re interested!”) and I will either accept or deny. Make sure you can actually afford to pay for the artwork before you approach me about it. 
If I accept, I will give you my commission email for you to send your request in detail with the title ‘Commission’. 
This email should include the Character(s), pose(s), outfit(s), as many reference(s) and details as you can think of for specifics. 

Please note: Accepting your request DOES NOT mean that I accept your commission. That will be decided after you give me all the details. 

- Once I have received your request and we’ve discussed any questions or details that need to be cleared up and you’re happy with your request, I’ll begin working on the sketch of your commission.

- I will send you a rough draft of your sketch before I begin to work on the artwork properly 
This is the only time you can make changes to your request. Please ensure you’re happy with your idea before you give the go-ahead for me to fully work on your commission. There is no going back after the sketch phase, everything beyond this point is irreversible. Any changes will cost extra, but changes done before the sketch phase will not cost as much as if they were made during the lineart phase.

- You send your payment to my Paypal address using this form:…
Keep in mind, you’ll need to cover the Paypal fee which can be calculated here.

-I will update you on the status of your commission every time I complete a phase (Lineart, Shading, etc). 
(You can ask me on the progress of your commission at any time!)

-Once I have finished your commission, I will send a low-res version for you to ensure you’re happy with it.
After you confirm that you’re pleased, I will send the unwatermarked, high-res file to you and your commission will be complete!

If you wish to have your commission private for you only, tell me
Otherwise, I’ll post a low-res, watermarked version to my tumblr that will require my permission to be shared to other sites.

If you don’t specify that you’re not okay with your commission being posted by me, I will post it and distribution of it will be up to me as the artist to the best of my knowledge. 

You can ask to be credited anonymously if you wish, and your name will not be on the post I make of the artwork.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! 
If you’re looking to commission me, you will need to be off-anon so I can respond to you. 

However, general questions can be anonymous 
- it’s a learning experience for me too!

Of course, if you want to support me and my artwork but can’t afford a commission or don’t want to commission me, you can always donate! Everything is appreciated!

Here’s my Patreon link

Thank you for reading, considering me and supporting me!

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